The Army recruitment campaign
The Army
Don't Join The Army

Karmarama created the provocative 'Don't join The Army, Become a Better You' campaign to help The Army meet itís recruitment targets.

To accompany the print and TV ad campaigns was an interactive recruitment form and data driven content hub. It allowed potential recruits to apply to join The Army, or register their interest and find out more about the life in the army.

Working closely with the creatives at Karmarama I designed a responsive site that would fit with the minimal, text focused aesthetic of the print campaign. This kept the focus on the message and the content.

I created a diagram to show the client how traffic would be driven to the site from the different forms of advertising. I also designed a set of animations to show the development team how the transitions between different sections of the site should look.
Mapping out the flow of
traffic to the campaign site
Responsive campaign site
Content relevant to the users selection
Reveal more info about life in the Army