Channel 4
Channel 4's first app and beyond...

Channel 4 was one of Nice Agency’s first big clients. As lead designer at Nice I was tasked with bringing their 4oD website service to the iPad and iPhone.

Designed to match the look and feel online offering at the time, the apps allowed users to catch up on recent C4 programmes or watch shows from their archive. The app was also featured in a Times Essential Apps article. Later, I also worked on the design for a smart TV version of 4oD.

C4 continued to be a client of Nice Agency and later I designed the Watch Live site for them. This made it possible for the first time to watch C4 programmes through their actual site.

After the 4oD rebrand into All 4 I continued to work on prototype designs for new sections and individual promotions for their site and apps.
On Demand, on a range of devices
Watch C4 live
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Promotions and
prototypes for
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